Бафф "Оружейная Культура" Цифра

Due to the unique composition of the fabric, the buff constantly breathes, which allows you to be in it both outdoors and indoors without removing it for a long time.
Moisture quickly goes to the outer layer, which contributes to quick drying, unlike buffs made of plain fabric, which become wet with long wear.

Perfect for the forest, city, training ground, sports and goposport.
  • 2,190 ₽
  • 790 ₽

Information about product:

Structure Fabric: Prima Microfiber \ 90% polyester 10% spandex
Washing The buff is mostly hand washed at 30C. The washing machine when caring for the product is appropriate only when using a gentle wash cycle. It is not necessary to iron the product, as it practically does not wrinkle. The buff dries quickly and retains its elasticity and shape after washing.


350 ₽


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