Polygon Travel Bag - RANGEDAYBAG
3 sizes and 3 reasons to take our bag.
1. Compactness - the structure of this model allows you to fold the bag into an "accordion" if necessary, which helps to save space and not take up much space.
2. Reliability - the quality of the material and accessories used, the level of sewing, checking each product.
3. Practicality - the ability to properly organize the placement of equipment both at the training ground and at home.
Organizing your gear space plays an important role in the longevity of your gear. The dense fabric helps to protect them from external physical influences. The Velcro panel on the lid will, if you wish, become your marker - what and where is.

Dimensions: total height - 14 cm, radius - 14 cm, depth - 10 cm.
Padding of the valve and the bottom of the bag made of foam and plastic
Patch panel for name tag (outer and inner side)

Black color
Ingredient: Korda 1000
Lining: Foam
Threads: High Tenacity
Fittings: YKK
  • 1,590 ₽

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