A pump-action weapon is a firearm in which a sliding front handle (forend) moves the bolt group, sliding backward or forward under mechanical action on it, ejecting the shot cartridge case and sending a new cartridge. Most often used for magazine shotguns (shotguns), but pump action rifles and grenade launchers also exist. Such a mechanism is much faster than classic magazine bolt-action rifles and much faster than double-barreled shotguns, since there is no need to remove your hand from the handle to reload before the magazine is completely shot. In the arms industry, the common name for this type of reloading is a sliding forend. 

The pump circuit was invented by the American inventor Christopher Miner Spencer in 1882. Later this design was developed by John Moses Browning in his M1893 / 97 gun.

Also, this term can be applied to a variety of air guns, where a similar mechanism is used to simultaneously send a bullet and compress air for a shot or a spring, respectively.

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